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Is your preference a lazy holiday, sitting at the favorite spot without taking a car? Vila Vivari is a perfect choice being just 5 minutes walking from the Vivari beach granting a spectacular view, shadow of the trees and azure clean water.

If, however, You are more adventurous and want to discover new places, within 10 kilometers there are multiple choices. The selection is entirely up to your flavor, e.g kites, windsurfing, music beach full of young people, golden sandlocal or town beach, tourists or even nudistsIf You are looking for more information, following articles will guide you to find the right one for You.

Vivari beach on July`s Sunday
Vivari is a traditional Greek village retaining its character and not being changed by tourism, boutiques nor fashion. Only few tavernas place their tables on the beach. Do not expect rental sunbeds, beach bars or loud music. Instead prepare for a beach with free umbrellas, showers and mesmerizing view that will bring You back to the childhood.
Azure crystal clear waters of Vivari bay are just 5 minutes from Vila Vivari and there is no need for You to drive. Just walk and You find a beach permanently protected from winds and swells opening in front of You. Only seldom, when the wind blows in a certain direction, the waves hit the shore.
Sea food tavernas supplied every morning by local fishermen are located at the seafront, thus making Vivari a dining paradise. You will spend full day here and never want to leave.

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Kondili beach in Vivari in October
Kondili beach has not been visited so much until approximately 2012. Today it can be both, a crowded place full of young people and music in the hottest summer months or a romantic beach for two once the season ends. It all depends on the time when you come here.

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Kandia beach beginning
Passing the Vivari and Kondili, one arrives into the Kandia. Kandia is a small village with a huge beach that attracts many tourists especially close to the settlemets. However not many visitors know that the beach is 3,5 kilometers (3 miles) long and that the western and eastern part are vacant all the time. Seemingly endless coastline attracts all kind of visitors from couples, singles and families with kids through explorers and people searching solitude during summer rush to nudists.

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The last village before crossing the mountains is Iria. Iria is a small village with port and endless five kilometers long beach. The beach is never full and You can chose whether to stay at an isolated spot without being disturbed by anyone or at a bar with music, showers, toilets, cold drinks and snacks. This beach can be a bit windy so it is good for windsurfing. Furthermore because it is so long and so empty it is good for kiting as well.

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Two villages, Drepano and Assini, share two kilometers long beach called Plaka. Most visitors come from the Drepano side, because of numerous hotels, campings and bars located at the seashore. This part is well prepared for tourists. Asphalt road on the beach, bars with refreshments, sun beds, umbrellas, showers and tavernas make it so popular. Beach at the side of archeological site of Assini hosts usually only visitors of nearby campings and few locals searching less "invaded" place. If you are looking for a total silence, there is a sector, beyond the touristic Drepano part, which is always empty. Plaka has many faces, and it depends on You which one to experience.

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Tolo used to be a small charming traditional village. From 1960`s it has gradually changed to its current form of a touristic resort with literally hundreds of hotels and touristic boulevard with shops, bars restaurants and clubs. Main attraction is an extraordinary beach with the finest golden sand giving the beach its name, Fine sand ("Psili ammos" in Greek). Now imagine all these fitted on the side of hill. Exactly these are the reasons why Tolo is a magnet for some who bless it, while for others it is a condemned touristic night mare. To be honest, visiting Tolo in July is utterly different experience when compared to extra-seasonal time like October or May.

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For decades Arvanitia had a reputation of a busy Nauplio town beach. It has been visited by those who had no mean of going to other beautiful beaches located further away. Today the situation has improved, beach is clean, renovated and much better prepared and equipped for public. It facilitates a small pebble beach and recently also a much larger bar with restaurant. Most people come here just because of that, i.e. to sit at the "beach" bar without necessity to leave the town. The truth is that this is the biggest benefit of the small town beach.

Although it has changed a lot, do not expect an authentic Greek experience.

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The trademark of Nauplio is its sand beach Karathona. It is a popular destination for many tourists, both international and Greek. Sand, shadow of the trees, camping, bars, restaurants, sport facilities and short distance from town (5km) make it the first choice of many tourists accommodated in Nauplio. This beach is never empty, even in winter one will find locals, caravans and young people celebrating around fire. Besides this, from time to time You can see a wedding here. Karathona is accessible by foot from Arvanitia beach, but be prepared for more than an hour long hiking under the sun heat on a dirt road. Most people come here by cars or motorcycles and during the season by public bus.

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There is one different place for swimming in Nauplio. It is not a beach, but rather a part of its history. The so called Bathtubs ("Banieres" in Greek) are located under the Akronafplia at the western end of Arvanita walking path. Back in the day they were really popular among residents. Today it is visited in the morning by locals who do not have time during the day. Later on, just few curious visitors or those with really no time to go anywhere else come here. I really understand them.
Albeit different in nature, the water is crystal clear, the view is astonishing and the feeling is like nothing else.

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