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Kondili beach in Vivari during summer
Kondili beach has not been visited so much until approximately 2012. Today it can be both, a crowded place full of young people and music in the hottest summer months or a romantic beach for two once the season ends. It all depends on the time when you come here.

crowded Kondili beach in July
Visitors during the summer high season should expect full bars with loud pop, rock and club music, umbrellas, sun beds, showers, drinks and cocktails. After the sunset a beach party starts. Since the beach is remote and loud music does not disturb anybody, the party goes on until late night.
Between the bars, there are few resistant families with kids and those who did not find an umbrella with beach beds in the bar.
crowded Kondili beach in July
In contrary, coming before July or after August, this beautiful beach gets less flooded and is visited mostly during weekends by Greeks and the last tourists. From October until April even the bars disapear, the beach is empty and is only sporadically visited by caravans and locals.
If You are looking for a place to have a private beach for You or to stop with a caravan this will be a perfect spot during that time. 
View from Kondili beach
Arriving to Kondili, before You start the final descend down to the beach stop the car on the left side of the 160° right turn. Photographs taken from here are worth it.
You will be rewarded with a beautiful view where You can also see the chapel of St.Nicolas on the left side. This chappel is accessible only from the sea and is one the most romantic places to carry on a wedding ceremony.
Kondili main beach in October
Once you get on the beach, stop wherever it seems proper. Due to the extensive size of the beach, there is always a place for parking, even in the busiest summer weekends. Most people chose the main beach and only "explorers" walk or swim to the left side close to the chappel, that you saw while descending by car.
The beach is south oriented with no trees or natural shade. If You don`t have an umbrella, be aware of a sunstroke, which can develop fast. Make sure You used often and plenty of sun creme and hydrate. With water :) Because the beach is remote, there is no source of drinkable water either. Only when the bars are open, You can buy refreshment and use their shower.
Kondili beach with small stones
Beach is covered with stones, the sea bed as well. There are no big rocks, and during the season you are not likely to step on a sea urchin. In May, well the chances are higher.
Sea gets deep pretty fast, so it is better to instruct Your kids not to swim too far. Also the currents here are much stronger than in Vivari.
Water is clean just like in Vivari and because there is only little sand it is crystal clear even in the presence of strong currents. 
More pictures of Kondili beach in Vivari are in our gallery.
Notice at the end, please do not throw cigarettes, plastic cups and other waste into the sea nor on the beach. Kondili beach is not organised unless the seasonal bars are open. If You do not see a trash bin, take waste with you. We are proud of our nature`s jewel and Vila Vivari participates in the program of a sustainable tourism.
Protect the beauty around you, so that Your children may one day see it as well.
written by Michal Kohlmann



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