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Two villages, Drepano and Assini, share two kilometers long beach called Plaka. Most visitors come from the Drepano side, because of numerous hotels, campings and bars located at the seashore. This part is well prepared for tourists. Asphalt road on the beach, bars with refreshments, sun beds, umbrellas, showers and tavernas make it so popular. Beach at the side of archeological site of Assini hosts usually only visitors of nearby campings and few locals searching less "invaded" place. If you are looking for a total silence, there is a sector, beyond the touristic Drepano part, which is always empty. Plaka has many faces, and it depends on You which one to experience.

Stone plates in the water
Beach derives its name from huge stone slabs ("plakes" in Greek) in the water and shore. They have been removed from the frequently visited central part, but even there You will still find them about 10 meter from the shore. They are the reason why Plaka attracts fewer visitors than Tolo. On the other side, snorkeling here is really nice, because of corals, sea urchins, oysters and fish close to the stone plates. However pay attention and avoid touching it, unless you know exactly what species it is. Some bite and may You be allergic, the consequences can be serious and rapid, markedly to children and elders. Windsurfers and water sports fans should be also cautious here. Stone plates can easily damage surf board or hurt You when falling on them. 
water is clean at all parts
Beach surface at eastern and western ends is mostly pebble. Central area visited by tourists has a mixture of sand and pebble. The sea bottom is sandy with big stone plates. The water is clean at all parts and gets deep pretty fast. Plaka can be windy, which is awesome during the summer heat. Downside of this are waves generated by the wind. If You are afraid of Your children, better visit quiet beach, like in Vivari, which is a natural harbor.
Beginning of Plaka beach
Plaka is accessible from Drepano on foot, by a public bus and of course by your own mean of transportation. Parking close to bars and hotels at the frequently visited central part accessible from Drepano can be difficult on a summer weekend. Other places are less frequently visited. Especially the eastern part is always empty. Scarcely you may find here people from neighborhood. To get there walk the beach from the Drepano or take a road around the Drepano elementary school.
central part of Plaka near Drepano is crowded
Central parts of Plaka beach are a frequent target of visitors. Not only tourists from hotels and campings located at sea shore, but also Greeks from nearby places like to come here. It is of no surprise, because the beach is easily accessible by car and it is organised here. There are bars, tavernas, umbrellas, loungers, showers, toilets etc. The price of this is that it is often noisy and crowded. 
western part of Plaka near Assini is less visited
Western part of Plaka near the Assini acropolis is much less visited. Except of the tourists coming from campings around, there are only few other people. Getting here is possible only by your own mean of transport and parking at the beach is only for couple of cars. During the week You will find a parking place, but on weekends, it is likely, that You will have to walk few hundred meters from Kokkinos vrahos. The water here is crystal clear and beyond the camping there are usually only few people.
View from ancient acropolis Assini
If You will be at Plaka beach Assini, you have the opportunity to visit acropolis of Assini. This picture was taken from top of it. The entrance was on your way to Plaka beach, just in the middle between Kokkinos vrahos and Plaka beach. Photographs taken from here are beautiful, because it offers perfect view on both sides, Kokkinos vrahos & Tolo and Plaka Assini & Drepano. This ancient kingdom has been described as early as in Homer`s Iliad & Odyssey and has been an active participant of Troyan war. Admission is for free, so do not miss it.
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Notice at the end, please do not throw cigarettes, plastic cups and other waste into the sea nor on the beach. Central beach at Drepano is organised and there are waste bins. However, eastern and western parts are not. If You do not find a trash bin, take the waste with you. We are proud of our nature and Vila Vivari participates in the program of a sustainable tourism.
Protect the beauty around you, so that Your children may one day see it as well.
written by Michal Kohlmann



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