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Uncover the secrets of ancient and modern Greece. There are still places where You can experience the thrill and excitement of discovery.

Vila Vivari is located in the centre of antique Greek civilization, in one of the last traditional sea side villages. It is an excellent place for excursions, one day or even two day trips full of adventure.

Whether going on your own or trusting our guide and relax in comfort, we are here to advise, arrange and match Your flavor. 

Epidaurus theatre & Asklepius
Epidaurus, cradle of medicine and Gerard Depardieu
Oasis between orange and olive trees at the foot of the mountains is the birthplace of Apollo`s con, Asclepius. Tribute to the healing gods with sanctuary, hospital, baths and olympic games has a monumental open air theatre for 15 000 spectators which is in use once again. This masterpiece of acoustic hosts most famous artists like Kevin Spacey, Gerard Depardieu, Ethan Hawk, Manos Hadjidakis, Melina Mercouri, Maria Kallas... pdf icon
Troyan war, Achiles and Helen of Troy
Troyan war, Achilles & Helen of Troy
Visit the centre of Greek civilization founded by Perseus married to Andromeda 4000 years ago and later governed by Atreids like the Agamemnon. His brother, king of Sparta was married to the Helen who eloped with Paris of Troy. Mycenae conducted a 10-year war to get her back which ended when Achilles killed Hector. Although Greek victory, Trojan war brought only ruin to Mycenae and death to Achilles. pdf icon
Theatre and modern Argos at night
Ancient and modern Argos
Birthplace of Perseus, son of the Zeus and mighty rival of Sparta, had more than 30 000 inhabitants when christianity came. The largest open air Greek theatre seating 20 000 people and grand castle is right here.
Today a modern vibrant city hosts bars, tavernas, traditional bazaar and many more excitements waiting for You. pdf icon
Statute of Hercules kiling the Nemean lion
Hercules killing the lion of Nemea
Famous ancient city of Nemea was well known in the antiquity. According to the myths the city terrorized by a vicious invincible golden lion was saved by the Hercules once he found its weak spot, an open mouth.
Comparing to Epidaurus and Mycenae, expect no less from Nemea. A reconstructed part of Zeus temple, stadium and a great museum will remain in memory of each visitor.
Today Nemeas is famous for viticulture as Greece`s most important red-wine appellation. pdf icon
Olympia 400x240
Birthplace of the world`s most important athletic mega event, Olympic games is less than 3 hours far from Vila Vivari.
Walk among the ruins where athletes trained and run just like the Olympians did 3000 years ago after their victory and visit modern village of Olympia which is a collection of boutique shops, caffes and restaurants. pdf icon
Athens city
Athens now and then
One of the oldest cities of the world with history more than 3400 years long is a home of modern western philosophy, art, civilization and democracy. Discover its famous monuments as well as hidden corners and if You are lucky, you may watch a play on the Roman theatre "Irodio" and feel the history breathing. pdf icon
Monemvasia Fortress Town from the sea
Unveil the legendary medieval Fortress Town in a breath taking visit.
Wander around the Gibraltar of the East, walk through the cobbled narrow streets and feast in one of the most impressive places in Greece. pdf icon
Grand Meteoron Abbey
Let the sea for a while and visit ancient monasteries on top of rare geological phenomena of rock pillars. Monasteries built by monks coexisting with the beauty of the nature are sensational, spiritual and inspiring. Meteora, a Holy place and part of the UNESCO World Heritage, will remain forever in Your memories as one of the most astonishing places You have been to. pdf icon
Arahova, the Oracle of Delphi and the 300
Arahova, Oracle of Delphi and the 300
If You have a day for travelling and You have seen Epidauros, Mycenae and Nauplio, wake up early and head to Delphi, sanctuary, seat of the mystical Oracle and official centre of the world. Before arriving visit a traditional mountain village Arahova. On Your way back pay respects at Thermopylae, where a small contingent of 7000 free Greeks led by the Spartan king Leonidas fought for three days 150 000 Persian invaders. pdf icon
Kalavryta street & cog railway
Kalavryta by a cog railway
Traditional mountain village Kalavryta with its stone paved streets and small houses is romantic by itself, but getting there by a rare and functional cog railway the "Odontotos" will make You smile for a long time. Kids and adults with the soul of child love the narrow gauge tracks, tunnels, water-falls and forests. Local winter ski centre is renowned in Greece for its modern facilities. pdf icon
Korinth canal and bungee jumping
Korinth canal and bungee jumping
Ancient Corinth was one of the largest cities with around 700 000 inhabitants in the times when Christ was alive.
However it is best known for its canal which was started by the emperor Nero and completed by a French company almost 2000 years later. Seeing a ship passing through 6,4 km long artificial canal is amazing, but no more than jumping* from the bridge 300 feet above the see level (*if You dare). pdf icon
Island hopping
Island hopping by a private airplane
A bit of adventure and prestige?
Fly with us by a private airplane. Pass over the Aegina, grab a coffee on Siros, swim in Mykonos, dine on Naxos and return for dinner passing by the Paros and Antiparos. Or take a two hours trip over rich island of Hydra and Porto Heli, then head to Nauplio to admire the Palamidi from air and returning back glance at the monumental Epidauros. pdf icon
Traditional Greek distillery Karonis
Traditional distillery 
Visit 150 years old distillery in Nauplio and discover how Greek spirits tsipouro, ouzo are mastiha are made with love and passion according to a family recipe and with traditional brass distilling method giving flavour and taste which is immediately distinctive from modern uniform technologies.
For those over 18 a sensory experience, both memorable and informative, is at hand. pdf icon
Modern Nemean winery
Nemea wine tour 
Immerse into the fine colour, taste and aroma of wine. Nemea is the most important AOC region of southern Greece. Boutari, Ktima Palyvou and others produce here elected wines, with the red Agiorgitiko being the most famous one. International varieties such as Cabernet sauvignons, chardonnay and others are being tasted during wine tours as well. pdf icon



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