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Private airplane

Greater needs, expectations, non-conformal, high profile or special occasion?

Vila Vivari hear You and is offer You range of exclusive services at Your demand.

Private beach dining
Private moments just for You


To make "that" special occasion unforgettable, to inhale the unique moment and to express Your promise to the loved one we can arrange a private dining at unique places.
This is a one at a time experience creating a lasting impression that will never fade out.
We have a pre-selected location, but the exact place may be altered.
Moni Avgou monastery
4x4 Abbey St.Demetrios


Thousand years old epic monastery built within the rocks of mountain slope is isolated, far from civilisation and peaceful.
Enjoy it with our modified 4x4 Nissan Patrol GR and drive through river, forests, forgotten tracks and most important in connection with wild nature. pdf icon
Island hopping
Private airplane tour
A bit of adventure and prestige?
Fly with us by a private airplane for a cutting price. Pass over the Aegina, grab a coffee on Siros, swim in Mykonos, dine on Naxos and return fro dinner passing by the Paros and Antiparos. Or take a two hours trip over rich island of Hydra and Porto Heli, then head to Nauplio to admire the Palamidi from air and returning back glance at the monumental Epidauros. pdf icon
Private kaiki boat trip
Traditional Greek kaiki
Imagine the sun, cool breeze, unknown isolated beach and diving in the sea. Can this be more pleasant?
Experience it in a completely different way, on deck of the kaiki, a traditional Greek wooden fishing boat that can be seen on the postcards, photographs and movies.
Tasting of Special Editions and vintages
800 meters from the imposing archaeological site of Ancient Nemea lies a distinguished family run winery, built with respect to its heritage and nature. Soak into the fine colour, taste and aroma of selected wines of Palivou estate. Appreciate the famous Agiorgitiko as well as Rodites, Malagousia, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah in one of the most important AOC regions of southern Greece. pdf icon
Arahova 400x240
Arahova, Oracle of Delphi and the 300
Full day excursion to Delphi, Thermopylae and a traditional mountain village Arahova. Visit Delphi, a sanctuary, seat of the mystical Oracle and the official centre of the world in antiquity. On Your way stop for a coffee in a picturesque mountain village Arahova. Heading back, pay respects at the Thermopylae, where a small contingent of 7000 free Greeks, led by the Spartan king Leonidas, fought for three days 150 000 Persian invaders. pdf icon
Monemvasia 400x240
Uncover the legendary romantic medieval Fortress Town in a breath taking visit.
The so called "Gibraltar of the East" is a jewel of south Peloponnese. Walk through its cobbled narrow streets, dine on the beach and even stay for a night in one of the most amorous places in Greece. pdf icon
Meteora monastery on the mountain
Tour to great monasteries of Meteora on top of rare rock pillars. Monasteries built by monks coexisting with the beauty of the nature are sensational, spiritual and inspiring.

Optionally, combine this with a traditional mountain village Arahova, Delphi and Thermopylae in a two day custom tailored trip to the most precious places Greece can offer. pdf icon



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