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Sunset on the beach

What is Your holiday activity?

Enjoy the beauty of Vila Vivari and spend Your holiday relaxing or energetic. Kids of all ages, including the grown up ones, will find here an excellent choice of night and day life, whether agile hiking, cycling or quiet bird watching, on the land or on the beach.

We are here to keep You smiling and to light Your days with a glow. All these activities are included in Your stay free of charge.

Hiking path


Get to know locals, drink ouzo with them, learn about bee-keeping, explore ancient ruins and windmills, discover herbs and animals while walking on trails, forgotten paths, on the lakeside or in the country.
Only few know that Greece, being a mountainous country, is a hidden paradise for trekking enthusiasts.
Bicycle wheel
Ride between beautiful orchards, olive trees, lakes, ancient ruins and medieval streets. Unplug. Feel the wind, sea breeze and freedom. Stop for Greek coffee in an iconic taverna.
Bikers and pleasure cyclists will love variety of routes, weather and unique hospitality in Vila Vivari.
Bicycles are directly available at the hotel.
Drepano Asteras sport areal
Entering Vivari, one passes by its natural sea lagoon. At its border is an exceptionally well maintained sport areal and home of the Asteras Drepano team. If You want to have fun for a while or keep fit in the form, running, football, body exercising and other activities are available here.
Birdwatching on Vivari salt lake
Bird watching
Vivari salt lake is a lagoon with a direct sea connection. It has been used as a natural fish pond for mullet, sea bream, sea bass and sole fish. Being a natural fish reproduction ecosystem it has a unique ornithological value as a domicile of herons, cormorans, kingfishers, ducks and swans and other species.
Today it is natural protected area under EU directive, where You can admire them in their natural habitat.
Moon & stars observation
Star & moon observation
Interested in amateur astronomy, but not having the telescope, time, place or the right company?
Discover the amazing beauty of stars and moon clear of town lights, noise and distraction. Our Astromaster 130 telescope will remind You how beautiful a star gazing may be during a warm summer night.
Vivari Beach
Vivari is famous for crystal clear waters in a natural bay permanently protected from winds and swells. While other beaches are often windy and plagued by waves, Vivari is not. Even Venetians used Vivari harbor as a natural docks for ship repairs. As such, Vivari is an ideal place for water sports, beach rockets, canoes, swimming etc.
Beach is covered with either sand or small stones and is organised, equipped with showers, free umbrellas, regularly cleaned and naturally divided into sections.
Main sea front with shallow waters is best for families and children. Couples and groups will benefit from numerous secluded private "bays" on the side.
More about Vivari beach is in our short beach guide.



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